The irrepressible craze for higher education and high income has distressed the Indian society. Highly educated professionals are migrating elsewhere leaving behind their old parents uncared for. There is a sharp deterioration in moral values and the institution of ‘family’ is fast fading away. The highly educated and successful children settle elsewhere and their ancestral property is put on sale. This state of chaos in the Indian society lies at the base of establishing NISTAL.
NISTAL is trying to impart such affordable technical and vocational training to our youth that would enable them earn their livelihood at their own place by way of self-employment, contain and curtail the volume of their expenditure on various heads like travelling, health and medicine etc. NISTAL courses also enable the job seekers to attain such skills and self-confidence that the employers feel crazy to absorb them into their organizations.

Programmes Offered

Certificate in Homoeopathic Family Practice: CHFP

The learners can have the basic knowledge about various diseases, their cause, prevention, precautions, dietary regimen and the corresponding homoeopathic, biochemic and naturopathic treatment.

Admission open all the year round

Internship in Family Homoeopathic Practice: IHFP

Pass-outs of any homoeopathy course from any institution/university can take up this practical training under direct guidance of qualified and experienced homoeopaths in a charitable homoeopathic dispensary.

Admission open all the year round

Diploma in Advanced Translation Studies: DATS

English-Hindi-Odia and vice-versa. The learners can chose any two or three languages for the course as the medium of instruction and practice of translation.

PG Diploma in Translation: PGDT

English & Hindi: covering all fields of modern human life like: Literature, Commerce, Banking, Legal Matters, Sports, News Items, Science & Technology etc.

Internship in Practical Translation: IPT

+2 or Degree/ Diploma/ Certificate in Translation can enrol themselves in this programme. They will be imparted guided practical training in translation of various subjects viz. literature, official documents, administrative terminology, sports, legal matters, banking and commerce, health sciences etc and issued an Internship certificate on successful completion of the course.

Admission open all the year round

Diploma in Communication Skills in English: DCS

The learners undertaking this course can develop good skill in reading, writing and speaking good English.

Certificate in SPOKEN ENGLISH : CSE

No bar, includes school children

Admission open all the year round

Certificate in SPOKEN HINDI : CSHD

No bar, includes school children

Admission open all the year round

Certificate in DTP & Lay-Out Designing (ENGLISH, HINDI, ODIA) :

Practical training in blind-fold typing with good speed in all these three languages without looking at the screen or key board.

Admission open all the year round

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Nivedita Institute for Science Technology and Languages (NISTAL) is a noble initiative to make our young generation healthy and self-sufficient. We strongly believe that the deprived and unprivileged can surpass the privileged and regulars by dint of their own practice, if they stand resolute and determined to achieve their goal
NISTAL is concerned about the prevailing scenario in higher education and corporate culture. Our youth pays a huge amount of money to a college, obtains a degree with a placement in the private sector, but is turned out of doors only after a short time; all his dreams are shattered while bringing unto him despair and a lifetime frustration. On the other hand, the lucky ones who manage to retain their placement are detached from their roots and have to keep away from their parents and friends. Such youth is perpetually filled with utter agony for being unable to serve them who gave birth and brought them up, strived hard to educate and bring all the happiness for them inflicting all the stress unto themselves